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Facilitating Action - We Get Things Done

Headquartered in Stratford, Nancy Orr works with organizations throughout South-Western Ontario. Nancy specializes in all Project Coordination matters, from planning through to execution, she makes things happen with tact and tenacity. Whether you’re an owner, a partner, a manager, an engineer, an EDO, or a CAO, she will help move your priorities forward.

What We Do

• Provide critical project coordination ensuring successful execution
• Reduce risk and liability associated with uncompleted initiatives
• Enhance organizational effectiveness as a professional resource
• Make purposeful connections to positively affect your project and organization
• Make a difference by facilitating real work action to meet your goals

Why You Need Us

✔ We get things done
✔ We move our clients from “Point A to Point B”
✔ We fight the fires that keep our clients up at night
✔ We love action, coordinating teams, and moving things forward
✔ We are responsive, flexible, and connected


Our Clients


Our Partners

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Who is Nancy Orr?

Nancy’s diverse business acumen and extensive technical network allows her to engage with many sectors and priorities, while efficiently moving initiatives forward. With a passion for growing both business and community, she's overseen cross-sector initiatives making a big difference.  

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In addition to reviewing Nancy’s partnerships, take a look at Nancy's clients and the sectors they’re associated with. Their testimonials speak highly of the care she takes in each project, and more generally, they highlight how her ‘get it done’ attitude will ensure success. 

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Nancy has a diverse range of expertise: Professional Project Facilitation, Strategic Action Plan Implementation, Stakeholder Co-ordination, Meeting and Team Facilitation, Community Building, etc. Nancy Orr’s services are able to move your priorities forward.

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